Last Chaos Unchained

[Classic] New client version May 5

Dear players!

On May 5th, the client version has been updated. The following changes are included in this update:

  • Added the following effects to the "Achieved Highest Level" title:
    • 800 Health
    • 800 Mana
    • 20% reduction in Mana consumption
  • The following effects were added to the "Highest Level for Titans", "Highest Level for Knights", "Highest Level for Mages", "Highest Level for Sorcerers", "Highest Level for Night Shadows", "Highest Level for Rogues", and "Highest Level for Healers" titles:
    • 500 Health
    • 500 Mana
    • 10% reduction in Mana consumption
  • Reduced the cost of "Golden magnifying glass" and "Magnifying glass" items.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Imprisonment" effect that allowed the use of skills during this effect in self-defense.
  • Added the "Magic Defense" effect when upgrading level 146 and higher equipment to +15.
  • Updated effects for level 145-165 equipment.
  • The following items cannot be reset with the "Stone" skill:
    • Blessed Bottle
    • Experience Booster
    • Skill Point Booster
    • Experience Scroll
    • Effort Scroll
    • Small Experience Potion
    • Medium Experience Potion
    • Large Experience Potion
    • Experience Potion
    • Blessed Iris
    • Platinum Blessed Iris
    • Super Skill Pill
    • Platinum Super Skill Pill
    • Big Skill pill
  • Fixed the function of the "A Gem of Great Magician Minearm" item.
  • Strengthened guild passive skills.

In-game store:

  • Added various wigs
  • Added the "Custom Title Scroll (24 hours)" item
  • Added the "Custom Title Scroll (7 days)" item
  • Added the "Custom Title Scroll (30 days)" item
  • Reduced the cost of the "Custom Title Scroll (24 hours)" item.

The Cherry Blossom event has been completed. The remaining buds you can exchange for goods in a secret shop.
On the 28th, we will turn off the buds and remove the NPCs for the exchange.

Best regards, Last Chaos Unchained team.