Last Chaos Unchained

Last Chaos Unchained - an international server of good quality!

Our main tasks:

  • Ensure that the game client is fully operational
  • Create maximum gaming comfort for all our users.
  • Protect honest players from unscrupulous players.
  • Provide timely and complete technical support.
  • Ensure the stability of the game server 24/7.
  • Give you the opportunity to simply enjoy the game without any problems and surprises.

General information about the server:

  • The game version is EP4, with elements of older versions.
  • Max level - 121 (will increase over time)
  • Server rate:
    • Experience - x1
    • Skill points - х2
    • Drop - х1
    • Gold - x1
    • Pets - x3
    • Affinity - x3
  • Multilingual-the client uses both Russian and English.
  • Stability-physical anti-DDOS protection on the Data Center side will allow you to maintain the server's performance in the presence of attacks from ill-wishers.
  • Calendar - Daily login gifts have been added to the game.
  • Roulette - roulette from EP1 is returned to the game, but the lottery is still there.
  • And much more.