Last Chaos Unchained

[Reborn] At the threshold of a new world

Welcome, Dear players!

Since the publication of the latest news about the Reborn server, many interesting changes have occurred, and we will tell you about this now.

First of all, we would like to share what we have achieved during this time.

So, what did we manage to do:

  • 1. For a long time we have been working on improving the game engine and a full transition to x64.
  • 2. We have updated the graphical shell of the game.
  • 3. We delved into the optimization of the game and the first tests in creating really huge worlds.
  • 4. We have started creating an open world and have implemented a full-fledged time of day system specifically for this.
  • 5. At the same time, we have updated the interface of the game and expanded its capabilities.
  • 6. Synchronized time of day for greater immersion in the atmosphere of the game and linking certain events to the game day.
  • 7. A new logic of equipment operation to remove restrictions in its use and add its varieties: light, medium and heavy armor.
  • 8. It is also worth mentioning that some important in-game functions have been completely redesigned, which is the main reason why the server does not receive updates.

One of the latest news said: "Unchained Reborn is a server redesigned for the main idea, with its further development and deepening into the storyline," and we want to make some adjustments.

To begin with, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the basic ideas:

  • 1. The action in the game will take place in one really big, open world, and to make it seem familiar to you, we decided to keep some cities in their original form, and the location itself is designed based on existing locations and historical maps of the world of Iris.
  • 2. An in-depth narration of the story and its continuation directly related to the Gods of Iris.
  • 3. Filling the world with various activities for each player: from collecting resources and processing them, to majestic battles with intimidating bosses.
  • 4. Many different options for the development of your character.

And many other things that you will have to see for yourself. While exploring the capabilities of the engine we are currently working on, we encountered a number of difficulties and made a difficult but right decision to improve the game engine of the Last Chaos game, which also prevented us from releasing updates for the Reborn server in the future. Something is already working stably, something else needs to be improved, but we guarantee that the result will surprise you very much.

It is already clear that we will not be able to support this server due to major changes. The game store will be disabled, and everything you need from it will be added to the NPC in Juno. The server will work until the first test run of the new project, which we will inform you about in advance. In return, we give bonuses and gifts to those who have played on this server. Additionally, you can also get access to all stages of launching a new game. Bonuses and gifts are pre-selected. Later, all information will be available on a special page about the Reborn project.

  • — Admission to all stages of testing.
  • is a unique pet.
  • is a unique title.

We also want to apologize to you for not being active in sharing information and other interesting news with you.

Now, we will try to get in touch more often and publish videos or run streams on our YouTube channel.

And remember that you can always chat with us in Discord.

Thank you for your support.

Follow the news.

Sincerely, the Last Chaos Unchained team.