Last Chaos Unchained

[Classic] New client version May 29

Dear players!

On May 29, the client version was updated. This update includes the following changes.

  • Fixed the guild's "Guild adrenaline" blessing
  • Updated the blessing of “Darkness”
    • The decrease in running speed has been reduced by 2 times
  • Updated the blessing “Aura of Illusion”
    • The blessing affects the group and itself
  • Added moonstone exchange to NPC “Captain Leon”
  • Updated the damage distribution formula. The damage at the siege of Kandant is taken as a basis
  • The “Imprisonment” effect is no longer applied
  • Added the ability to fully restore the health and mana of the NPC “Middle level supporter”
    • The price is set for 1 point of health and mana for 5 gold
  • Updating Recovery Items
    • Strong Medicine
    • Medium Medicine
      • Recovery time increased to 15 seconds
    • Owl's Tablet of Concentration
    • Owl's Tablet of Vitality Recovery
    • Owl's Tablet of Mental Recovery
    • Owl's Tablet of Condition Recovery
    • Owl's Tablet of Agility
      • Recovery time increased to 30 seconds


  • Merchants and other residents appeared in the city
  • There is a new boss “Leviathan”
    • From this boss you can get
      • Useful resources
      • Pet appearance map
      • Battle pet

Elemental Bosses

Dangerous monsters added

  • Angry Salamander Ulkan
  • Salvaged Sea Horse Bache
  • Outraged Golem Muta
  • Revengeful Elf Kina
  • Greedy Swordman Kyle
  • Mad Archbishop Martin

Greedy Swordman Kyle is in the location "Bloodymir".
From each of them you can get resources and special jewelry.
Jewelry has durability and can be damaged in battles.
Repairs are carried out by a Miner Trainer.
There are two ways to restore strength:

  • The usual one is the restoration of strength for gold. 
    With this method, the maximum strength is reduced by 1 point.
  • A special one is the restoration of strength due to “Mysterious Whetstone". 
    With this method, the maximum strength is not reduced.

To restore maximum strength, it is necessary to have a "Mysterious Hammer".
The use of hammers is in a ratio of 1 to 1 in strength. For example: to restore 50 points of maximum strength, you will need 50 hammers.

New game event - Liberation of Randol


  • 3:10 - 4:10
  • 7:10 - 8:10
  • 11:10 - 12:10
  • 15:10 - 16:10
  • 19:10 - 20:10
  • 23:10 - 00:10

A mighty boss appears on the ruins of an old castle in Juno - the “Barren Eise".
Event Resources:

  • Crystal of Light
  • Ticket for the task

These resources are needed to exchange for unique goods and additional tasks.

Game store

  • Reduced cost of “Sealed Soul”
  • Added item “Abyss Anchor" (1/7/30 d): 9-45-210
  • Added item "Abyss Swamp Gas" (1/7/30 d): 9-45-210

The Easter Eggs event has been completed. 

Sincerely, the Last Chaos Unchained team.