Last Chaos Unchained

[Classic] New client version March 10

Dear players,

On March 10th, a new client version has been released. This update includes the following changes:

The following guild skills are now available to all:

  • Guild Honor Light
  • Guild Holy Cure
  • Guild Cleanse
  • Guild Double Life

The damage of "Stun Shot" has been reduced by 15%.

The maximum item stack size has been increased to 9,999.

The "PVP Protection Shield" item can now be used up to level 150.

In the in-game shop:

  • The "Mysterious Bear's Chest" item has been added.
  • The "Scroll of Secret Knowledge" item has been added.

The issue with displaying a player's guild absence days has been fixed, along with other serious bugs.

A unique event called "Cherry Blossom" has been launched. During this event, monsters can drop one of the following items:

  • Little Pink Cherry Blossom
  • Little White Cherry Blossom
  • Bud of Cherry Blossom

A new NPC Deputy Captain Hana has appeared in Randol, who offers quests to destroy The Tree of Broken Souls and all the demons summoned by it.

Players can also exchange Pink Cherry Blossom and White Cherry Blossom for special missions with the NPC Deputy Captain Hana.

A total of 13 new quests have been added.

The Secret Shop offers:

  • Exchange small flowers for large ones
  • Quest scrolls
  • Sealed soul of Inferion
  • Bud of Cherry Blossom (to be added later)

Flowers can only be obtained by completing quests for the Tree of Broken Souls or by exchanging 10 small flowers for 1 large flower.

[70-85] Scroll with Quest I

  • This item can be purchased with flowers from NPC Deputy Captain Hana. 
  • In specific coordinates of the Temple of Oblivion, this item can be used to summon Inferion.
  • After defeating the monster, the quest can be completed.

[95-105] Scroll with Quest II

  • After accepting the quest, players group up to clear the Theo Tomb of monsters.

[100-140] Scroll with Quest III

  • Players must defeat the strongest monsters in each dungeon once.

[140-155] Scroll with Quest IV

  • Players must defeat powerful creatures in the Capella dungeon.

[140-165] Scroll with Quest V

  • Players must defeat the strongest monsters in each dungeon once.

Sincerely, The Last Chaos Unchained team