Last Chaos Unchained

[Classic] New client version February 27

Dear players!

On February 27, the client version was updated. This update includes the following changes.

Chests that have a special type now display the contents

Now the Legendary Scroll makes at least 4 sockets

A Tattered Scroll, a Medicore Scroll, a Average Scroll now these scrolls do not have the ability to make 7 sockets. Price increased 2 times

The cost of the item "Sin Killer's Desideratum" increased to 375.000 gold

The following items have been added to the Union of Sio affinity for trading:

  • Lakin's masterpiece pocket - 2.000.000 gold
  • Lakin Guard's Medication Chest - 4.800.000 gold

Increased the level of monsters Doomed Fanatic (161) and Manager Fanatic (162)

Increased the resurrection time of the Skeleton General to 3 hours

The Fatal Blow skill on Higlander now deals critical damage

Updating the store:

  • Carved box

  • PVP Protection Shield (1/3/6/12/24 hours)

Sincerely, the Last Chaos Unchained team.