Last Chaos Unchained

New client version [November 1]

Dear players!

On October 31, the client version was updated. This update includes various changes and fixes.

General changes

  • Changed the formula for calculating the equipment rating
  • A timer is set for 60 seconds when exiting the game on the siege territory
  • Revised damage distribution functions
    • PvP protection is involved
    • The only damage in the arena, siege and outside the city
    • The damage done is displayed on combat skills
  • Improved synchronization of movement of characters
  • Personal chests from bosses (you can get them only in a group or raid)
    • Brotherhood Boss Goosgo
    • Pastor Meque
    • Pastor Batter
    • Missionary Boss Coloncha
    • Great Priest Basula
    • Baal
    • The Mythical Furuko
  • Aphrodite's Charms
    • Possibility of pick up candies of both colors has been introduced
    • Replaced the blessing of a tenfold attack with fast magic
  • Pandora Box
    • Changed the "Pandora's Beast" level to 121
    • Weapon Regrade Scroll removed from possible trophies
    • Armor Regrade Scroll removed from possible trophies
  • Fixed displaying wings of other characters
  • Changed the minimum level of the entrance to the Altar of Darknes to level 90
  • A Cappella dungeon has been added to the Albert location
    • Added new daily tasks for Cappella
    • Minimum level of entrance to the Chapel is 110

Changes in the equipment improvement system

  • A new equipment improvement function has been developed: Equipment Synthesis
  • A new equipment improvement function has been developed: Replacing the effect in the equipment
  • A new equipment improvement feature has been developed: Equipment Awakening
  • A new function has been developed: Item equipment
  • Revised the chances of improving equipment
  • Reduced chance of destroying equipment
  • Albert's equipment is not destroyed, but has a chance of damage

Changes in game items

  • Legendary Pet Experience Potion - 500% experience for 1 hour
  • Mythical Pet Experience Potion - 700% experience for 1 hour
  • Triple Reputation Talisman for 1 hour
  • Divine talisman of reputation - 500% for 30 minutes
  • Albert equipment T2 is obtained through the awakening of T1
  • Albert T3 equipment is obtained through the awakening of T2
  • Added Albert wings to all characters
  • Added additional Albert weapons for all characters
  • The NPC Changed armor II changed the range of equipment
  • NPC Alber Recruiter Anna no longer has the ability to exchange resources
  • NPC Honor Point Collector has new products
  • NPC Scarecrow has new products
  • Revised effects in Alber gear
  • Increased attack on the wizards staffs by 20%

Working on characters

  • Titan
    • Sprint- reduced skill recovery
    • Axe Crasher- increased bleeding from the skill
    • Trick Swing - reduced skill recovery
    • Spin chop - reduced skill recovery
    • Ultimate Strength - reduced skill recovery
    • Armor of Courage- reduced skill recovery
  • Knight
    • Two hand pierce - reduced skill recovery
    • Curtain of Grand Royal - reduced skill recovery
    • Grace of Holy Shield - reduced skill recovery
    • Shield chop - reduced skill recovery
  • Healer
    • Arrow of Silence - increased skill recovery and reduced duration
    • Poison arrow - reduced skill recovery
    • Fatal blow - reduced skill recovery and reduced power
    • Promise of Nature - reduced skill recovery
    • Heal Master - reduced skill recovery and added 2 levels
    • Healing of Miracle - reduced skill recovery
    • Call Lightning - reduced skill recovery
    • Soul Purification - reduced skill recovery
  • Mag
    • Wind Storm - reduced skill recovery
    • Ice Ball - reduced skill recovery
    • Spring of Mana - increased skill recovery
    • Black Hole - reduced skill recovery
    • Overcome Crisis - reduced skill recovery
  • Rogue
    • Deadline - reduced skill power
    • The last immunity - reduced skill recovery
    • To the Shadow - reduced skill recovery
  • Sorcerer
    • Summon of ancient weapon - reduced skill recovery
    • Great Touch of Mother Nature - reduced skill recovery
    • Hand of darkness - reduced skill recovery
    • Impenetrable defense - reduced skill recovery
    • Robe of Hell - reduced skill recovery
    • The spirits of the elements are enhanced
  • Night Shadow
    • Curse of Blood - reduced skill recovery and added 2 levels
    • Shadow Form - reduced skill recovery

Learn more about the changes in the improvement system.

This system is designed to give the player the opportunity to create unique equipment that is more suitable for his style of play and needs. The development of synthesized equipment is significantly different in quality from the development with the help of scrolls. Synthesized equipment is improved by accumulating experience. Experience can be obtained from game resources and equipment. Not everything is possible to use equipment as a resource, but only the same type. For example: any equipment exclusively from this location can be inserted into Albert's synthesized equipment. 
It is worth paying special attention that a higher quality of equipment used as a resource will give many times more experience. 

Resources for gaining experience can be obtained exclusively in a game way

  1. battles with monsters
  2. boss battles
  3. daily tasks

There are only 3 resources to improve:

  1. gives 2,000 experience
  2. gives 7,000 experience
  3. gives 20,000 experience

The more experience a resource gives, the more difficult it will be to get it. 
The possibility of buying these resources from an NPC or in a game store is excluded .

After awakening the synthesized equipment, You will get a new outfit with a certain number of random effects. You will have the opportunity to replace unwanted effects with free attempts or by using replacement material, which can be purchased from the NPC Quartermaster for honor points. 
Free attempts to replace the effect are increased by 1 point when the quality of equipment increases. Please note that not all equipment is synthesized.
The list of possible effects can be viewed in the equipment synthesis window by clicking on the scroll.


To awaken equipment, let's demonstrate with the example of Alber equipment, you need to get Rank 1 equipment and develop its grade to a relic. After you do this, you will have the opportunity to awaken him - thereby, you will receive Rank 2 equipment. During the awakening, all improvements from the awakened equipment are transferred (grade, improvement with tempering, inlay). However, the effect of cubes is affected by the material for awakening.

To awaken the synthesized equipment , there are 2 resources that differ in the complexity of obtaining: 

  1. awakens equipment with a 20% chance of success; each failure adds 2% to the chance of success; has a chance of reducing the effect of tempering by 1-2 points, but not below +20; in case of failure has a chance of damage
  2. awakens equipment with a 40% chance of success; each failure adds 4% to the chance of success; the effect of cubes is preserved completely; it has no chance of damage

Damage to equipment does not affect its characteristics, effects or seals in any way, but it cannot be improved without recovery. Damaged equipment can be used as a resource to gain experience in synthesis. 
The ability to use this equipment as equipment remains.

Equipment can be restored using a special item that can be purchased from the NPC Honor Point Collector for 10,000 Honor points. Please note that not all types of equipment are subject to restoration, but only those that awaken.
It is worth noting that Albert's equipment has no chance of destruction, but it has a chance of damage.

Sincerely, the Last Chaos Unchained team.