Last Chaos Unchained

Server restart [October 24]

Dear players!

On October 24, the following changes were made during the server reboot.

Changes have been made to the event of the Blessing of the Gods. Now they are not repeated.

The Halloween event is included until November 7. During the event, you will receive an "Empty Basket" for defeating monsters, which can be exchanged at the Scarecrow for candy:

  • Pumpkin candy
  • Frog's leg candy
  • Lizard's tail candy
  • Mosquito's eyeball candy
  • Mud candy
  • Bone candy

Candy can be delicious and not very. They give additional effects, such as an increase or decrease in health by 20%, an increase or decrease in running speed by 20%, as well as an increase or decrease in health and running speed by 20%. Having tasted the most delicious or the most disgusting candy, you will receive a certificate of a Voucher of the good taste or a Voucher of bad taste. After collecting both Voucher, they can be exchanged for a "Scream" mask. After collecting candy of all kinds, you can exchange them for a Jack-O-Lantern, wearing which you can see ghost pumpkins.

After killing a pumpkin, you can get a "Pumpkin", by cutting which you can get gifts from a Scarecrow:

  • Moon Stone
  • Firecracker
  • Platinum Large Quick Mana Potion
  • Platinum Large Quick Healing Potion
  • Manastorm Crystal
  • Token

Best regards, Last Chaos Unchained team.