Last Chaos Unchained

New client version [August 23]

Dear players!

On August 23, the client version was updated. This update includes various changes and fixes.

  • Fixed Night Shadow skill "Darkness"
  • Pets are available in Alber
  • All riding pets have revised running speed
  • Increased the limit for receiving rewards for battles between players in Alber
  • Fixed the model of the knight's additional weapon
  • Changed the start time of the Royal Rumble to 18:00 GMT+1
  • Fixed a bug when entering the Royal Rumble
  • All resources and in all locations have boosters for the chances of getting trophies
  • Increased the number of some resources to 999 in one cell
  • An ancient scroll was temporarily removed from the store until errors related to this system were detected
  • Fixed display of protection on shields
  • Fixed the correct display of an error when submitting a task without the necessary resources
  • Revised possible seals in the equipment of the level 121 Night Shadow 
  • Fixed getting stuck at the entrance of Theo's Tomb
  • Review the rewards of the Royal Rumble:
    • Novice League
      • Removed the Destruction Safeguard
      • Added 30,000 gold
      • Added 500 Crystal of light
    • League of Fighters
      • Removed the Destruction Safeguard
      • Added 50,000 gold
      • Added 25 Experience Booster
      • Added 700 Crystal of light
      • Replaced the Resplendent Lunar Temper with a Lunar Temper 10 pcs
      • Replaced the Resplendent Solar Temper with a Solar Temper 10 pcs

Sincerely, the Last Chaos Unchained team.