Last Chaos Unchained

New client version [July 13]

Dear players!

On July 13, the client version was updated. This update includes the following changes:

  • Cultivation System Update
  • Changes have been made to the fish:
    • Fish changed to Carp
    • Added new types of fish:
      • Herring
      • Mullet
  • Added to NPC Angler:
    • Herring 20 pcs. can be exchanged for 1 Dawn Lake Light Essence
    • Mullet3 pcs. can be exchanged for 1 Dawn Lake Light Essence
  • NPC Alber Recruiter Anna added new items to trade
  • Weapon Lending Dealer assortment update:
    • Added weapons up to level 85 inclusive
    • Now he gives quality weapons +10
  • Updated ward and level rewards:
    • At level 20, weapons improved by +30 are issued
      At level 31, equipment is given improved by +30
      At level 50, epic quality equipment is issued and improved by +30
      At level 60, equipment is given improved by +30
  • Laca Ball awards have been updated
  • Equipment upgrade notifications moved to system chat
  • Reduced camera view
  • Fixed monsters in the walls of Evil Dungeon.
  • Fixed Altar of Darkness in Mondshine. Now PvP mode is not activated.
  • Baal Place is now a Non PVP.
  • Added monsters in Merak: Highlander, Elite Frenzied Berserker, Gnoll
  • Added monsters in Dratan: Giant, Arcane Giant
  • Fixed the issue of putting items in the guild warehouse

С уважением, команда Last Chaos Unchained.