Last Chaos Unchained

New client version [June 12]

Dear players!
On June 12, the client version was updated. This update includes the following changes:

  • Fixed healer stats in Erebus equipment
  • Increased damage in PvP
  • Fixed location of quick access panels
  • Increased the range of living weapons and increased the duration of the effect
  • Altar of Darkness in Mondshine Changes:
    • Added affinity items to monsters
    • Increased gold from monsters by 50%
  • Reduced the number of required points to increase the rank of fractions
  • Heretic Pastor Compra, The Mythical Furuko, Magusa Senator Jewith and Imperial Guard Even Wayne have a chance to drop the following items:
    • 1Lv Jewel Box
    • 2Lv Jewel Box
    • 3Lv Jewel Box
    • 4Lv Jewel Box
    • 5Lv Jewel Box
    • Medal of Honor
    • Extreme Stone
    • Lucky Smelting Stone
    • Chaos Smelting stone
  • Some stats have been changed on Alber gear
  • Alber gear is now transferable
  • The Mythical Furuko has had its skills changed
  • Added weekly quests to NPCs The Keeper of Weapons Melissa
  • Fixed minor bugs

Regards, Last Chaos Unchained team.