Last Chaos Unchained

Server is available!

Dear players!

We inform you that the server is available again, and a small update has been installed:

  • The group boss "Baal" has been strengthened.
  • Pet equipment now has no expiration date and can be sold
  • Increased the health of raid bosses
  • Increased maximum recommended server level to 90
  • Reworked skills for personal dungeons into normal skills
  • NPC Blood Frenzy has been replaced with Highlander
  • NPC Elite Bloody Outlaw has been replaced with Elite Frenzied Berserker
  • Change of prices: 
    • Secret Shops
    • Affinity Merchants
    • Monster Combo
  • Changes in level 121 equipment.
    • Obtained in Mist Canyon from the following monsters:
      • Punisher Mahlax - Gloves.
      • Performer Bereed - Boots
      • Commander Agaress - Leeches
      • Judge Ballack - jacket
      • Chaser Chroshel - cap
      • Shaman Oranthes - weapon
      • Introducer Camio - wings, shield
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Regards, Last Chaos Unchained team.