Last Chaos Unchained

Results of maintenance work on March 9

Dear players!
On March 9, were preventive maintenance.

During the preventive maintenance the following was done:

  • Now Crystal of light, Token, Moonstone Box, Tarnished Cloudy Crystal when killing monsters falls into inventory. If there is no room in inventory, it falls on the spot.
  • The calendar now gives you a reward based on missed days. If you miss days during the week, the last day will be given 2 Heaven Stone. 
  • Minimum attack speed is now 5.
  • The location of the character is now saved when exiting
  • A new skill has been added for teleportation to Randol
  • Magical Shopkeeper Coen. The following items have been added:
    • Restart Raid Dungeon
    • Appearance Change Item
    • Party Recall 1 Day Ticket
    • Jewel Removal Scroll
  • Scroll Trader Gerel. Resurrection Scroll has been added.
  • Fixed Epic Divine Gift quest
  • The TAB key is no longer available.
  • Estella's [Event] Heaven Stone has been replaced with the Heaven Stone
  • In-game store items now have lower prices
  • Minor bug fixes

Regards, Last Chaos Unchained team.