Last Chaos Unchained

Results of maintenance work on March 3

Dear players!
On March 3, were preventive maintenance.

We have decided that the PvP server will not be. Some updates that were made on the PvP server moved to the current server. Also we decided that the maximum level on the current server will be 121.

During the maintenance work was done as follows:

  • All skills have been redistributed with the maximum level in mind
  • Updated character controls:
    • WASD - control of the character (keys can be combined, for example: WA)
    • QE - turns the camera
  • Tutors have been removed. Skills can now be learned remotely
  • Fixed the starting dungeon
  • Alber was added. Alber's monster levels have been changed to match the maximum server level
  • Fame has been changed to Honor. Honor can be obtained as follows:
    • Killing a player of the opposite faction in Alber
      • Killing a player gives 40 points of honor
      • Killing a player gives 20 points of honor
      • If your character is 10 levels higher than your opponent, no honor points will be awarded
    • Has a chance to pick up the following items from the monsters in Alberta
      • Dull Fire Pearl. Gives 50 honor points
      • Bright Fire Pearls. Gives 100 honor points
      • Glittering fire pearls. Gives 200 points of honor
  • All monsters in Albere have been adapted for maximum level
  • All quests in Albere have been adapted to max level
  • Gear score has been introduced into the game. Now the rating is distributed according to your general gear score
  • Now the rating in the game is updated every hour
  • Daily Login functionality has been updated
  • Added player equipment viewer
  • Medal of Honor no longer falls off of monsters
  • All levels of Ignition now increases damage including skills
  • Ignition can no longer be used in PvP
  • Changed critical hit formula
  • Removed maximum experience and skill point limits
  • Experience required per level has been increased by 25%
  • Fixed a bug when attaching gold to guild warehouses
  • Increased the distance of the camera
  • Magical Shopkeeper Coen
    • Deleted gear
    • Added Guild emblem registration license
    • Extreme Stone is now purchased for honor points at the following prices:
      • 1000 for the 1st stone
      • 2500 for the 2nd stone
      • 4000 for the 3rd stone
      • 5,500 for the 4th stone
      • 7000 for the 5th stone
      • 8500 for the 6th stone
      • 10000 for the seventh stone
  • Lorraine Secret Shop
    • Added Gold Token

A new payment method through PrimePayments has been added to the site. All world cards are accepted, except USA and Canada.

Regards, Last Chaos Unchained team.