Last Chaos Unchained

Results of maintenance work on January 31

Dear players!
On January 31 were preventive maintenance.

During the preventive maintenance the following was done:

  • Changed the Phoenix Club:
    • To join the Phoenix Club a character must be level 90 or higher.
    • Now when joining the Order, the character becomes first level.
    • SP is added according to the following formula - 6000 SP + (100 SP * character level).
    • The "Blessing of Phoenix" effect is available throughout the game.
    • The following items are issued:
      • Phoenix Rebirth, allows you to choose the point of rebirth after death.
      • Phoenix Pet Crystal
      • Manastorm Crystal 300 pcs.
      • Reborn title.  Has the following effects:
        • EXP 30%.
        • [Party] Increases all of stats 100
        • Reduced level  requirement -10
        • Move Speed 20%
        • Absorb PvP Damage 1.00%
    • Gives an additional 50 stat points.
  • Changed NPC Crean. Membership in the Phoenix Club is taken into account when resetting the profession and the stat points they gave are not reset. 
  • Night Shadow can now board a riding pet
  • XMAS event disabled
  • Pets no longer disappear in cities
  • Weapon and Armor Merchant in Juno has been added to Level 1 Night Shadow gear
  • Phoenix Ticket card has been removed from NPC Estella and added to NPC Domain Merchant and Loraine
  • All characters who were members of the Phoenix Club are no longer members. All who bought for the "Crystal of Light" will be sent a refund to the Mysterious Statue.  

We would also like to remind you that the Domain Merchant NPC reward is given for daily game time. Learn more.

Regards, Last Chaos Unchained team.