Last Chaos Unchained

Results of maintenance work on October 28

Dear players!

On October 28 maintenance work took place, during which the client version was updated. You can download it through the launcher.

During the maintenance work, the following was done:

  • Quest "I am the Veteran" has had its chain of quests removed
  • Costumes for Book of Melding have been added to the game store
  • In the socket, the chaos slot has been changed to a normal slot
  • The following items have been added to the Moonstone Golem:
    • Moon Stone
      • Jewel Protection Scroll 1 pcs.
    • Good Moonstone
      • Jewel Protection Scroll 5 pcs.
    • Perfect Moonstone
      • Jewel Protection Scroll 10 pcs.
  • Changed titles Highest Level for Titans, Highest Level for Knights, Highest Level for Healers, Highest Level for Mages, Highest Level for Rogues, Highest Level for Sorcerers, Highest Level for Night Shadows. They now give the following characteristics:
    • Move Speed 10%
    • All Stats (4 types) 10
    • Skill Cool Down Reduction 6
  • Changed the title Achieved Highest Level. It now gives the following characteristics:
    • Move Speed 20%
    • All Stats (4 types) 20
    • Skill Cool Down Reduction 10
  • ​​​​​​​Minor bug fixes
  • Changed awards for next month in the daily login​​​​​​


Best regards, team Last Chaos Unchained.