Last Chaos Unchained

Results of maintenance work on September 16

Dear players!

On September 16, maintenance work took place, during which the client version was updated. You can download it through the launcher.

During the maintenance work, the following was done:

  • Fixed bug with NPC "Domain Merchant"
  • The maximum number of auction slots has been increased to 255
  • Changed the conditions for increasing the level of the guild
  • Quests have been added to Iris Item Pictorial Book.
  • Changed the "Premium Character Package" item. Now experience increases by 50%, and skill point by 50%.
  • The "Scroll Book of Keron Mage Collective" item has been added to the NPC "Keron Magic Merchant Gemma" 
  • "Secret shop":
    • Changed the price and quantity of the item "Survival Box"
    • Changed the amount of the item "Experience Booster"
    • Changed the amount of the item "Skill Point Booster"
    • Added item "Key for additional bag 1"
    • Added item "Key for additional bag 2"
    • Added item "Wooden Treasure Chest"
    • Added item "Golden Treasure Chest"
  • The following items have been added to the in-game store:
    • Panda Box
    • Lucky Pet Box
    • Casket of Dark Magic
      • Dex Potion
      • Intelligence Potion
      • Super Haste Potion
      • Power Potion
      • Constitution Potion
      • Strength Potion
      • Rejuvenation Potion
      • Large Crit Potion
      • Berserker Potion
      • Experience Booster
      • Item Drop Booster
      • Potion of Pet Healing
      • Skill Point Booster
      • Goat's Head
      • She-Goat's Head
    • Velocity of light
  • Fixed minor errors, as well as edits in the text

Best regards, team Last Chaos Unchained.